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I am a down-to-earth, naturally caring person, with a genuine love of people. Having a passion for health, well-being and its impacts on how we live and work, and working in corporate for the past 20 years, I have witnessed the changing trends of an increasing decline in peoples health, vitality and productivity. Along with a deterioration in the ways of connecting and interacting with each other in the workplace environment. I often ask myself, how did we get here and, how can we get out of it? This new 'norm' certainly falls far short of the real potentials we all can maximise in our working partnerships – for our own growth and that of the services we provide to society in all industries. 

After experiencing my own transformation from being a part of that declining trend, where I was once full of anxiety, depression, overwhelm, adrenal fatigue and constant debilitating symptoms I realised we each as individuals have an important self-responsible role to play in how we treat ourselves. It matters on every level. What we are capable of contributing to the working space starts with and from this personal relationship and brings an innovative outlook on what we are thereafter capable of bringing to a wider network of people.

In my current role as a consultant working in large corporate offices, I bring a light, simplicity and structure into very complex and challenging environments. ‘Putting people first’ is the ethos that underpins my approach and understanding how self-care and self-responsibility are the keys that underpin this philosophy.

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