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Being able deeply re-connect, relax and 
rejuvenate supports us to remember who we truly are. 

My philosophy on having a well - being is to allow time to re-connect, through a number of ways. That may be walking, taking time out to exercise, eat foods that nourish and feed by body well or make time to be still, not be in any 'doing', which can be tough when we are used to always 'doing' things in life.


I have found that when you do make that time for yourself, it has an enormous impact on how we truly connect with our bodies.

This has been my greatest learning, to deeply connect and listen to my body. 

When we live in a world that is constantly pulling our attention to seek recognition, stimulation, confirmation outside of ourselves, Learning that we have everything within us can take time and a lot of trust. It is a process that i am constantly deepening and it is ever changing. Being able to go within and live from that steadiness is the grandest and most delicious feeling and is a constant and consistent choice each and every moment, to align to that grandness that i know is within me. 

Healthy Salad

Through my process of understanding more about the body and wellbeing at work and in life, I have come to know and train in the following fantastic modalities. I recommend them.


A powerful complementary modality that is rejuvenating and re-ignites a whole of body vitality allowing a person to re-align to a more natural and harmonious way of being. 

Sacred Esoteric Healing 

A gentle hands-on energy healing therapy that supports you to re-connect with yourself and the stillness within, so that you can learn how to listen to your body and live in a way that is truly self-nurturing.

Energetic Facial Release

A deeply relaxing and healing form of energetic massage, that supports clearing tension and restoring  a harmonious flow throughout the whole body. 

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